I am the name of Mounira LOUKRISS, I am an independent painter and self-taught in the PACA region in the Var.

I’m passionate about painting on canvas since young girl, I leave free of my choices, I’m inspired by the moment, the seasons and the originality.
I’m attracted to the abstract and the landscapes, the colors and the interior decoration.

Since I was a child by the age of 10, I had the gift of reproducing pictures of stars in Chinese ink and colored felts, and then over time, I was amused to make sketches of characters and human body.

During my teenage years, painting became a hobby for me, a way to express myself and Réfugiais in my classes to paint landscapes.

As an adult, during my professional travels as a kindergarten assistant, I had the pleasure of animating painting activities with young children in different communities.

I had the click, to create Matupeint and registered in August 2015 from my first sale, with my brushes, I devote all my time to make my paintings and sell them.

For my part, painting gives me a hope to continue my path, it brings me a lot of joy, colors and embellishes my days.

My creations are unique and hand painted with acrylic paint, bomb, knives will immediately decorate your interior.
I work on different textures and supports that I can find, I varnish them afterwards.

My paintings are of different sizes and can be made on several canvases (diptych, tryptic… )                                          

I also paint on demand portraits on photos (people or pets) in color or black and white.

I make portraits on demand and drawings on paper Canson with pencils graphite or in colors in different formats.

I’m asking customers to email me their photos. 


Mes peintures à la bombe